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Find Out How Affordable Safety Can Be !

 Do You Have Earthquake Retrofitting in Mind ?

All homes should be retrofitted for an earthquake. Other terms for this procedure are known as House Bolting and Foundation Repair or Upgrade. Here at Cornerstone Construction & Retrofitting, quality and prompt service is our goal. Our specialty is making your home safe from earthquakes. We service the Los Angeles, Orange County, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego and Bay Area's.

Remember, here at Cornerstone Construction & Retrofitting we want you to be completely satisfied with what we’ve provided. This means that we’ll go to every length to make sure our assignment is acceptable the first time we do it. After all, our reputation as dependable experts in seismic retrofitting depends upon us meeting our own personal standards. Don't just take our word for it, set up an appointment and find out for yourself how affordable safety can be !

  We offer affordable services:

If you’re worried about your limited budget, then let our helpful representatives put your fears to rest. We offer reasonable rates and 5% discounts for seniors. Be sure to also ask us about our free estimates and free consultation about earthquake insurance. If you’re looking for professionals offering more than the bare basics, then look no further. Our specialists are licensed and insured for your protection, and we design and build programs based on your personal needs.

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Toll free: 1-800-965-5222


  About Cornerstone:

Cornerstone Construction & Retrofitting was founded in 1997 when it is owner realized the need for seismic upgrades on residential homes in order to protect them in the event of a large earthquake. Since it's inception Cornerstone Construction & Retrofitting has worked for the California Department of Insurance's earthquake grants and loan program and is on several earthquake insurance companies vendor list. If you’re still having doubts, then we recommend that you consult with one of our knowledgeable service representatives. They will answer any questions you may have about our efficient and expert service and help you realize that our company is pretty much the only choice you’ll ever need.

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