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 The Pros and Pros of retrofitting:

As the heading implies, I searched long and hard to find the pros and cons of having one's home or apartment retrofitted. All I found were the pro's. This home or apartment improvement in laymen's terms is the strengthening of the structure and it's foundation so that it can withstand the seismic forces of an earthquake. An example of this was the apartment building in Northridge, which, collapsed upon itself due to a non-braced cripple wall. Installing structural grade plywood on the wall, thus giving it strength, can solve this problem. Other reasons for having this improvement include cost. Most people are pleasantly surprised when they find out how affordable safety can be. Using the two scenarios described above, an average home will only cost between three to five thousand dollars to retrofit. Apartment buildings are higher to repair. It is worth a few thousand dollars to protect hundreds of thousands in investment property. Next, there is the insurance issue. Most policies carry a ten to fifteen percent deductible on earthquake coverage. When a home or apartment has been retrofitted, the damage is so significantly less, that out of pocket expense is minimal. Also, many insurance companies give premium reductions on policies when proof of retrofitting is submitted. 

 For Apartment Owners:

There is always the issue of legal liability. When retrofitting your building, make sure you hire a contractor who performs the work according to city codes. There are also the retrofitting benefits regarding the safety and protection of one's family and investment during and after the quake. The structure is less likely to collapse. After the quake, one will have a better chance of retaining full occupancy. If the dwelling shifts off the foundation and is deemed "non-livable" alternative shelter will be a necessity. In the end, retrofitting is a pro-pro situation, with no cons to be found.

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House Bolting:

One procedure in seismic retrofitting is accomplished by attaching the wood frame to the concrete foundation by using either anchor bolts or metal plates. This procedure is known as House Bolting and Foundation Repair or Upgrade. The hardware that is used is determined by the amount of room under the home or apartment. 

 Cripple Wall Bracing:

Another technique in retrofitting is the bracing or shearing of a cripple wall. The wall is two-by-four studs that rise up above the foundation with the structure resting upon it. Without retrofitting, many buildings are seismicly weak, and with great lateral force they can easily collapse.

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